If application dates fall on a weekend or holiday, submission is due the next business day. Applications must be received by 11:59 p.m. on the day of the specified deadline.

Application and Submission Instructions

With the exception of the letter or e-mail from the Primary CIHR STAGE Mentor and the Supporting Documents listed below, candidates must send all other documents checked under their respective level in the table below by email to as a SINGLE Portable Document Format (“PDF”) file including ALL parts.

Technical issues with the fillable PDF forms (embedded in table below) are minimized if the PDF form is saved as a file first before starting to input information.

Trainees are responsible for selecting, contacting and engaging a primary supervisor on a CIHR STAGE-related project. Admission to the CIHR STAGE training program is dependent upon the agreement of a CIHR STAGE Mentor to supervise the trainee, but this does not guarantee admission to the program.

CIHR STAGE has a significant focus on quantitative skills, thus applicants from disciplines not listed in this table, or whose research or scholarship is foreign to the program’s research themes (see Examples of Research Themes), must submit, as part of their application, a compelling description of their capabilities, substantiated by experience, and documented by examples of their work.

Required DocumentsGraduate Students
Postdoctoral FellowsVisiting
Completed CIHR STAGE Trainee Application Form. [ PDF (365 KB) ]
Proposed Research Project Module Form. [ PDF (111 KB) ]
Training Expectations Module Form. [ PDF (119 KB) ]
Brief letter or email from the candidate's Primary CIHR STAGE Mentor supporting the candidate's application and agreeing to supervise and to work with the candidate on the proposed research project. Should be emailed in confidence from the mentor's email account to
Supporting DocumentsAuthorization for CIHR STAGE to access and review letters of reference on file at the University of Toronto. Please check and sign authorization box in CIHR STAGE Trainee Application Form.
Two confidential letters of recommendation or two Referee Assessment Forms (or one of each) from referees other than the candidate's Primary CIHR STAGE Mentor. For example, letters or assessments may come from professors who served on a candidate’s PhD committee. Should be emailed in confidence from the referee's email account to
Letter of support from an authorized individual (e.g. Dean or Department Chair/Director) consenting to protected research time, through relief from teaching and/or administrative duties, to enable the candidate to participate in the CIHR STAGE Training Program.
PDF of Up-to-date Canadian Common CV (CIHR, Academic format). [Website]
Graduate and undergraduate transcripts. Electronic copies of transcripts will be accepted if original records are on file at the University of Toronto; otherwise, please forward official transcripts to the mailing address noted at the bottom of this page.Electronic copies for all transcripts regardless of academic institution are acceptable.
Proof of Canadian citizenship or copy of permanent resident document, if applicable.
Formal evidence of at least one submitted application for external funding (e.g. CIHR, NSERC, etc.). Please note that Canadian Common CV sections dealing with funding (i.e. "Funding" and "Distinctions, Awards, Credentials") must be complete and include all relevant information.


Written statement indicating deadlines and details for planned applications.

Supporting Documents Guidelines

Supporting documents should come from people who can comment on the candidate’s (i) qualifications for advanced training in Genetic Epidemiology and Statistical Genetics, (ii) his or her interests and abilities with respect to scientific endeavour, and (iii) his or her recent academic, research, or professional achievements. These documents should be addressed to the CIHR STAGE Admissions Committee, and confidentially submitted to the CIHR STAGE office by email to

Candidates are responsible for soliciting supporting documents as noted above and for ensuring that these documents are submitted to the CIHR STAGE office before the application deadline.

Canadian Common CV Guidelines

To generate the required CV you will need to register with the Common CV Network and request a CIHR PIN. PIN requests are processed during regular business hours (8:00 to 16:30) Monday to Friday. One working day is typically required to process PIN requests. However, longer processing times may be required during peak periods of operation. We strongly recommend, if you are unfamiliar with the Canadian Common CV, to read the instructions posted here.

Recruiting a Primary CIHR STAGE Mentor

It is the candidate’s responsibility to select, to approach, and to recruit a Primary CIHR STAGE Mentor. The primary mentor must be willing to provide, in writing, his or her consent agreeing to supervise and to guide the research work of the candidate on a CIHR STAGE-related project. In other words, the onus lies with trainees to reach out to STAGE mentors for potential positions in their labs. In addition, please note that although candidates must secure a primary mentor in order to apply, obtaining supervisory consent from a primary mentor does not guarantee admission to the program.

Mentorship Panel Guidelines

Your mentorship panel, composed of three mentors, must include mentors from each of the program’s three main disciplines of genetic epidemiology research (see Mentors by Discipline), where at least one mentor belongs to subsections 1.1 and/or 2.1. It is the trainee’s responsibility to contact and engage three CIHR STAGE mentors who are willing to jointly supervise the trainee in a collaborative, transdisciplinary research project

Acknowledgment of Receipt

Upon receipt of the application, an acknowledgment of receipt will be sent by email to the applicant.

Application Results

Applications to the training program will be evaluated by the admissions committee, which will then decide on admission to the program and whether fellowships, or other types of support, will be awarded.

The CIHR STAGE admissions panel typically reviews applications within 3-4 weeks from the application deadlines noted above. Funding decisions will be disclosed to each candidate and their corresponding primary mentor by email. The names of successful candidates will be subsequently announced to the public on the CIHR STAGE website.

Mailing Address

CIHR STAGE Training Program
University of Toronto Dalla Lana School of Public Health
Health Sciences Building
155 College Street, 5th Floor
Toronto ON M5T 3M7

Past Application Deadlines
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