To increase research capacity in genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics, with the overall goal of improving the prevention and management of common diseases through genetic epidemiologic research.

To deliver a comprehensive training program to foster a new generation of scientists and highly qualified personnel capable of conducting and leading innovative and cross-disciplinary research in genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics.


Creativity, scientific rigor, and teamwork.


To establish STAGE as a globally recognized destination for Canadian and international trainees in genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics.


  1. Implement a dynamic interdisciplinary training network of committed mentors and engaged partners that will foster trainees’ ability to bridge laboratory and population-based investigation of complex diseases.
  2. Promote “hands-on” cross-disciplinary research in epidemiological, statistical, and biological settings to enable trainees to appreciate and address the challenges in study design, analysis, and molecular tools used in genetic epidemiology.
  3. Prepare the ground for expanded training opportunities in Canada, by nurturing existing partnerships and forging new ones.