The program has a stellar team of ~40 multidisciplinary and highly collaborative mentors. They share the common goal of providing the best training experience to help form the next generation of leaders in genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics research.

Collectively, they offer a wide range of chronic disease research opportunities including cancers, cardiovascular diseases, psychiatric and behavioural disorders, neurological, metabolic and autoimmune disorders, asthma and allergies, and normal growth and development.

In addition, all mentors have a track record of successfully training graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and/or post-MD fellows.

Mentors by Discipline

Our supervisory teams are made up of mentors from each of the program’s three targeted disciplines.

The goal of this diverse yet structured training approach is to enable trainees to:

  • achieve their full potential in their primary discipline or particular graduate program, and
  • enrich their knowledge and skill sets in complementary, specialized disciplines required for advanced genetic epidemiologic research.

Mentorship Panels

Mentorship panels, composed of three mentors, will include mentors from each of the program’s three main disciplines contributing to genetic epidemiology research, where at least one mentor belongs to subsections 1.1 and/or 2.1.

  1. Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology
  2. Show mentors.

  3. Statistical and Computational Genetics and Genomics
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  5. Bio-Medical Genetics
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