Awards & Incentives

Successful applicants will receive an enriched training experience, including the following opportunities:

  • Stipends at CIHR rates, with option to receive top-up funding.
  • Travel and top-up awards for trainees holding or able to obtain other awards or scholarships.
  • Mentoring by a team of internationally-renowned experts.
  • Cross-disciplinary practica in industry, government or institutional research labs.
  • Internships, exchanges and networking at the local, national and international levels.
  • A curriculum incorporating core, integrative and cross‑disciplinary courses, and leadership training.

All applicants not already holding external scholarships or awards (e.g. CIHR, NSERC, etc.) must submit at least one other application for external funding along with their CIHR STAGE application. To substantiate this requirement, Common CV sections dealing with funding (i.e. “Funding” and “Distinctions, Awards, Credentials”) must be complete and include all relevant information. In addition, your application may include formal evidence of submitted application(s), or, a separate sheet indicating details (funding organization, name of award, etc.) and deadlines for planned applications. For trainees who hold, or are successful in securing external funding, CIHR STAGE offers top-up opportunities.