Why offer a Training Program in Genetic Epidemiology in Canada?

The Canadian health research community has long been challenged to train and retain individuals capable of working at the interface of genetics, genomics, biology, mathematics and statistics, and the population health sciences. With the advent of ever evolving DNA sequencing technologies and the vast amount of data generated from large population-based studies, together with rapid advances in computational methods driving the mathematical sciences forward, this challenge now represents a significant deficit in the national and international research agenda.

Strong quantitative skills integrated with sound biological knowledge and population health principles are key elements for breakthrough science in population health research. We offer the first academic program with interdisciplinary training in these areas, plus the academic and administrative infrastructure needed to support a world-class training environment.

For Canadian health research, aggressively addressing the need to build capacity in this area is critical. The University of Toronto and its affiliated research institutes benefit from a unique, enriched, and integrated community of genetic epidemiologists and statistical geneticists who have brought together a stellar group of mentors from various disciplines, with the common goal of shaping tomorrow’s leading health research scientists.